10 Points Of Interest About The Camino de Santiago

For the first time ever, Out Adventures touches down in Madrid, then Spain’s northern province of Galicia for an active gay adventure along the Camino de Santiago, or Way of Saint James. Today this landmark Catholic pilgrimage is just as popular with secular wayfarers including LGBT trekkers, and Spain is already one of the most gay-welcoming destinations on Earth, so we’re looking forward to getting some serious steps in. Following a warm-up in Madrid we’ll tackle the final 111km/69mi over five soul-searching and sole-searing days. You don’t have to be in top shape to join us, but you must be determined. Here are ten more points to ponder and pique your intrigue.

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In Focus: Budapest & Slovenia

Carl here, Out Adventures’ digital marketing specialist and the schmuck flailing the Pride flag in the photo from atop Vogel Mountain above.

I just returned from hosting our Budapest & Slovenia gay tour and I simply must make a formal proclamation: this was THE surprise hit of Out Adventures’ 2019 summer tour roster. What began as ‘just an extension’ to our Croatia gay cruise has morphed into an epic journey through Central Europe featuring cosmopolitan capitals, exceptional wining & dining and our company’s most exclusive experiences yet! 

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Get To Know The ‘Bear’ Leading Our Gay Norway Mystery Expedition

Spoiler alert: Bjørn means bear in Norwegian, and that’s literally our local guide’s name. Given his beard, it feels appropriate. He’s a certified kayaking, climbing and skiing instructor. He’s also a striking landscape photographer who channels the rugged spirit of Norway onto his Instagram feed. Since we’re keeping our gay Norway trip’s itinerary top-secret, we thought you might want to get to know the man that will lead our hardy herd instead.

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Stays That Slay: The Grand Queen Beatriz

In November, 2020, Out Adventures returns to Charles Darwin’s famed archipelago for an intimate, sumptuous and utterly educational expedition: our Galapagos Gay Cruise. Fawn over the photos below…a sneak a peek at the private yacht we’ll make our own while we explore the most lavish ecosystems on Earth.

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Elegy For Lonesome George

Lonesom George slowly meandering through a rocky landscape.

As we relaunch our Galapagos Gay Cruise we pay homage to the world’s last, POSSIBLY GAY, Pinta Island tortoise.

Five years after we last embarked, Out Adventures returns to Ecuador aboard our Galapagos Gay Cruise. Before we do, however, we must honour an important forefather. Lonesome George was the penultimate symbol of the Galapagos Archipelago that passed away in 2012. It may be paradise on earth but it’s also where many species went extinct. Lonesome George was literally the last Punta Island tortoise. Rumour has it he was also light in the loafers. As they’d say in Ecuador, “¡Escandolo!”

Allow us to pay tribute to our ambiguously gay reptile with an elegy. This lament for the dead will deliver serious reflection, preposterous self-indulgence and a chance to learn about the rarest creature that lived. He was only 100 years old when he passed away. A whipper-snapping spring chicken compared to his peers. Except they were already dead.

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