People-to-People Tours with an LGBT Twist!

If Americans want to visit Cuba, it can’t technically be for traditional tourism purposes: it must be an educational ‘people-to-people’ tour, and we’ve been offering this journey for years. More importantly, we’ve worked extremely hard to improve our itinerary with LGBT activities, exchanges with real Cuban locals, and destinations worth experiencing. You won’t find another tour like ours!

Here are six wonderfully gay experiences to savour when you visit Cuba with OUT Adventures:

  1. Learn to Salsa
    We’ll hit up the famous Club Palenque in the town of Trinidad to learn about the social and cultural significance of salsa – and dancing in general – to the Cuban way of life. Then you can team up with the local dancers – some LGBT – and learn a few steps yourself!



  1. Tour the Hemingway House
    Ernest Hemingway may not have been gay, but we’ll learn about his complicated family history – including his trans daughter, Gloria – when we visit his home, “Finca La Vigia”. Along with a tour of the grounds, we’ll be treated to a private walk through the actual house, which is usually reserved for dignitaries.



  1. Meet the cast of Cuba’s longest-running drag & trans cabaret
    Set in Havana’s suburbs, at a bar owned by a famous Cuban stylist, you’ll meet the performers following dinner and a show, then present the girls with small gifts we’ll ask you to bring (getting gorgeous on a Communist island can be a real drag, pun intended).


  1. Enjoy a live show and chat with one of Cuba’s biggest LGBT singer/songwriters
    Our amazing Tour Guide happens to be friends with this iconic celebrity. We’ll discuss her career and how her music promotes equality, then she’ll take the stage to perform. Whether or not you speak Spanish, her passion needs no translation.



  1. Meet a grassroots equality organization
    In Havana we’ll meet a local group dedicated to promoting equality. This isn’t a government organization – these are real, everyday Cubans who will share both their struggles and recent successes with us.


  1. Enjoy a private screening of a critically-acclaimed Cuban LGBT film
    After we watch the film, we’ll discuss it with a local gay film critic who is known for his monthly screenings of LGBT films from around the world.


Check out our Gay Cuba People to People Tour Here for more information.

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