7 Sizzling Highlights On Our Gay Iceland Expeditions

The Land of Fire and Ice  has been shaped by centuries of glacial movement and volcanic eruption. Given this rugged ancestry, the country’s a no-brainer for gay adventure seekers. From the depths of a dive between tectonic plates, to hiking up a glacier, here are few of our favourite experiences from in big gay Iceland!

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Five fun – and not-so-fun – facts about the Scottish Highlands

Having just launched our Scottish Highland Hikes, this seems like a perfect time to share trivia about one of Europe’s most remote regions (that’s also home to many of the world’s most glorious hikes). Read on, then carry on with us next August.

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Why we’re still visiting Cuba despite the U.S. travel warning


Last week, the U.S. State Department released a travel warning advising its citizens not to travel to Cuba. There have been reports that a number of diplomats became ill after suspected sonic attacks against U.S. government officials in Havana. These attacks reportedly occurred in the homes of government officials and in hotels where American diplomats were staying. No tourists were harmed.

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It’s not “Ladyboy”. It’s Kathoey.

Listen up, Gents. We’re about to spill the tea on the derogatory term, “Ladyboy”.

In Thailand, transgender women are well known among Western visitors for their campy cabarets and rhinestone renditions of Whitney classics. While the performances themselves are all glitter and glee, the trans women behind the shows are often marketed to us Westerners as, unfortunately, “Ladyboys”.

While we encourage you to get swept up in the magic of Thailand’s cabarets and LGBT nightlife, it’s important you’re equipped with the correct language to be respectful of the talent behind the boa.

Scroll down to discover five fast facts about “kathoey”, the term preferred amongst Thai trans women.

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