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Animals to Look for on our Antarctic Safari

Out Adventures is off to the Seventh Continent for a sub-zero safari. Over ten days we’ll cruise the bays, ‘bergs and shores of Antarctica to better understand this icy tundra and it’s blubbery inhabitants.

To ensure guests get the most out of the safari, we’ll be accompanied by both a naturalist and professional photographer. The duo will host daily lectures below deck and join us on shore to help photograph the continent’s endless white vistas.

Below you’ll find a shortlist of the fauna we’ll most likely encounter.

We’ll have ample opportunity to photograph numerous species of these flightless waddlers including adelie, chinstrap, gentoo, king and emperor penguins. In fact, these particular penguins have very few land predators and show little fear of humans, making them the perfect models for your photographic pleasure.

Sea Birds
While penguins may be the most famous, they’re far from the only cool climate birds. Look out for albatross, petrels, skuas, gulls and terns.

There are few sights more mesmerizing than spotting a blue whale breach. At 100k – 150k tonnes, it is the largest mammal on earth. Unfortunately, it’s a solitary species that can dive great depths for unbelievable lengths making it an unlikely spotting.

More common sightings include the curious minke and humpback whales, both known for jumping right out of the sea. Fin, sperm and right whales – so named because they were once considered the right kind of whale to poach for blubber – are often spotted throughout Antarctica as well.

While it’s technically a dolphin, the orca (aka killer whale) is often seen in pods hunting penguins, seals, squids and more.

With their blubbery bodies and bulging, affectionate eyes, seals are easily one of the most popular arctic attractions. Like penguins, most seal species can be approached with no real stress to the animal — within reason, of course. The weddell is particularly docile around tourists and is often found sunbathing on the ice. Other species include the fur, crab eater, leopard and (notoriously pungent) elephant seal.

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All photos courtesy of Quark Expeditions.

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