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Just the Trips: Kevin’s 2019 departures

Our sales manager Kevin Robitaille is a familiar face among clients, often leading our more gruelling adventures: Kilimanjaro and The Inca Trail to name a few. When he’s not surmounting Earth’s summits, he’s in Toronto playing ultimate frisbee, dodgeball or answering our phones with that ever-so-slight Quebecois inflection.

If you’re interested in joining Kevin on an Out Adventure, you can find his 2019 departure schedule below. 

Technically, this tour takes place in 2018. But, we thought you’d still like to join Kevin on his first touch-down in Asia. He’ll be leading an incredible group through two of Southeast Asia’s historic countries. Major highlights include the calming culture of Luang Prabang, glimmering Kuang Si Waterfalls, sunrise under Angkor Watt and the pandemonium of Phnom Penn.

The tour is already guaranteed and gaining lots of interest.
Kevin’s departure: Nov 25 – Dec 3, 2018

Antartica-Gay-Expedition copy
Kevin (and Rob) are heading back to where it all began: Antarctica. The tour kicks off in Ushuaia, Argentina where we’ll board The World Explorer. Two days are spent on the notorious Drake Passage before docking on the coast of the most uninhabitable continent. Not to say its desolate. Flocks of penguins greet us on our sub-zero safari. Blubbery seals flop and flounder on loose bergs. Meanwhile, whales breach the surface of the dangerous waters.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the world’s southern-most parts. Book soon as it’s nearly sold out.
Kevin’s departure: Jan 3 – 13, 2019

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An active tour of Earth’s most rugged region. To kick things off, you’ll enjoy a half day at the mysterious Perito Moreno Glacier — unlike other glaciers, Perito is growing! Then it’s off to the second best hotel in South America where we’ll rest our feet between the epic treks and trails. You’ll want a solid pair of hiking boots for Tower Base Trek: 22km/14mi, unpathed and uphill the entire way!

Note: this tour is meant to be an extension of Antarctica Gay Expedition or a warm-up to Chile: Grapes, Grit & Stargazing.
Kevin’s departure: Jan 13 – 18, 2019


India Rajasthan Holi Festival Gay Tour with Out Adventures Gay Travel
Experience the colours of Holi, India’s spring celebration. The country-wide affair involves chucking pigmented powder at one another until every man, woman and child resembles tie-dye gone awry. Think water fight, but with rainbows! Aside from Holi, you’ll be humbled by the glorious Taj Mahal, devour the spiciest Rajasthani, rickshaw through the chaos of Delhi’s bazaars and slumber in lavish hotels. Prepare for the Maharajah treatment!
Kevin’s departure: Mar 11 – 22, 2019

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