Just The Facts: The Canadian Apology

The Great Canadian Apology

Though we reside right next to the United States, the Canadian conscience tends to be less individualistic and more concerned with keeping the peace. Many think it has to do with our awkward, introverted British roots. So while an American would never deign to apologize for something that wasn’t their fault (yes, we’re generalizing here), Canadians clamour over each other to be the most contrite. As Out Adventures prepares to lead a group of gays on a journey from Calgary to Vancouver through the Rocky Mountains, let’s look at how the Canadian apology impacts our home and native land.

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4 Azores Islands You Need To Visit

Gay, Travel, Pico Island

Welcome to the Azores, a series of nine volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal. Within the past few years, these historically overlooked islands have become Portugal’s – if not Europe’s – trendiest travel destination. They also happen to be the backdrop of our upcoming gay tour, Portugal: Azores Islands Adventure.

Get to know the four islands featured on our big gay adventure below!

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Beyond Havana: 3 Other Cuban Cities Gay Travellers Should Visit.

Cuba, Gay, Travel

The allure of Cuba is as thick as cigar musk and as strong as a double rum on the rocks. But despite the world’s fascination with the Pearl of Antilles, the average gay traveller couldn’t name a city beyond Havana. If you fall into said category, we’re here to help!

Read on for three must-see UNESCO World Heritage Cities every gay traveller should scribble into their Cuban itinerary.

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