Podcast: Why Yoga Is Great For Gay Travellers… And Other Wellness Tips

A gay male yogi sits on a beach with crossed legs looking out over the water.

Wake up your chakras with guest host Adam Bolton, Co-Founder of Men’s Retreats and a long-time friend of Out Adventures. The dapper yogi discusses the importance of yoga within the gay community before dishing his best wellness travel tips for today’s LGBT jetsetter.

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What To Pack For Our Norway: Gay Mystery Expedition

A bird's-eye view of a map and some of the items gay travellers will need to pack for Norway.

Packing for Norway is difficult enough. Never mind packing for a Norwegian gay escape where the operators refuse to tell you what you’ll be doing or where you’ll be going. #sorrynotsorry

To help prepare for the world’s first gay mystery expedition, please find a thorough packing list below with some helpful tips and tricks.

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Get To Know Rodrigo, Our Local Gay Azores Guide

A young gay tour guide takes a selfie high above Sete Cidades.

Rodrigo Viveiros is the local Azorian charged with guiding us hearty homos around the stunning Atlantic archipelago. While he is gay himself, he’s never actually lead a gay tour before. Naturally, our Marketing Specialist Carl – who will personally be hosting our 2019 gay Azores expedition – felt it necessary to hop on the phone with Rodrigo and gauge how ready he is for our motley crew.

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5 Airport Renovations To Work Your Runway

An interior mockup of "Jewel", Changi's proposed renovation. The picture clearly shows a glass bio-dome featuring lush plants and a waterfall vortex in the centre.

A couple of years ago  we wrote an article  about some sexy airports in the works and it became one of our most popular blog posts ever. Sadly, the airport renovation that inspired it all – Mexico City – was soon after scrapped by public vote. However, the world keeps turning, the planes keep landing, and the airport renovations keep on coming. Here are five cunning contenders for your next layover. 💅🏽

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7 Experiences In Siem Reap That Aren’t Angkor

A group of Phare Cambodian Circus performers demonstrate an elaborate tableux with bamboo, fire and contortion.

Everyone from Lonely Planet to Condé Nast Traveler has referred to Siem Reap as ‘The Gateway to Angkor’. And while the moniker isn’t wrong – over 2 million annual visitors pass through Siem Reap city en route to angelic Angkor – it has become a spectacular destination in and of itself.

Here are 7 experiences beyond Angkor gay travellers shouldn’t overlook in Siem Reap.

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5 Gay Hikes For Hardy Homos

Four men on a gay hike along the Inca Trail.

From killer Kilimanjaro to exhausting Everest, Out Adventures has been hosting gay hikes up the world’s most notorious treks and trails since its inception. It’s our belief that despite the sore muscles, the altitude sickness and the occasional blister or bruise, the rewards of surmounting Earth’s highest summits is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Below you’ll find five of our most popular upcoming gay hikes.

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