5 Airport Renovations To Work Your Runway

An interior mockup of "Jewel", Changi's proposed renovation. The picture clearly shows a glass bio-dome featuring lush plants and a waterfall vortex in the centre.

A couple of years ago  we wrote an article  about some sexy airports in the works and it became one of our most popular blog posts ever. Sadly, the airport renovation that inspired it all – Mexico City – was soon after scrapped by public vote. However, the world keeps turning, the planes keep landing, and the airport renovations keep on coming. Here are five cunning contenders for your next layover. 💅🏽

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7 Experiences In Siem Reap That Aren’t Angkor

A group of Phare Cambodian Circus performers demonstrate an elaborate tableux with bamboo, fire and contortion.

Everyone from Lonely Planet to Condé Nast Traveler has referred to Siem Reap as ‘The Gateway to Angkor’. And while the moniker isn’t wrong – over 2 million annual visitors pass through Siem Reap city en route to angelic Angkor – it has become a spectacular destination in and of itself.

Here are 7 experiences beyond Angkor gay travellers shouldn’t overlook in Siem Reap.

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Stays That Slay: Warm Up To Our Antarctica Gay Cruise Ship

A kayaker paddles beside Out Adventures Antarctica Gay Cruise.

Want to feel on top of the world? Head to the bottom aboard our Antarctica gay cruise! On this polar expedition, you’ll call The World Explorer Home for 10 full days as we cross the Drake Passage and dock along Antarctica’s sub-zero shores.

We put together some sexy renderings of the World Explorer and our Antarctica gay cruise below.

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4 Azores Islands You Need To Visit

Gay, Travel, Pico Island

Welcome to the Azores, a series of nine volcanic islands off the coast of Portugal. Within the past few years, these historically overlooked islands have become Portugal’s – if not Europe’s – trendiest travel destination. They also happen to be the backdrop of our upcoming gay tour, Portugal: Azores Islands Adventure.

Get to know the four islands featured on our big gay adventure below!

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Beyond Havana: 3 Other Cuban Cities Gay Travellers Should Visit.

Cuba, Gay, Travel

The allure of Cuba is as thick as cigar musk and as strong as a double rum on the rocks. But despite the world’s fascination with the Pearl of Antilles, the average gay traveller couldn’t name a city beyond Havana. If you fall into said category, we’re here to help!

Read on for three must-see UNESCO World Heritage Cities every gay traveller should scribble into their Cuban itinerary.

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