Stays that Slay: Cruise Croatia’s coastline aboard the MV Avangard

Croatia_Lounge08Yessir, the rumours are true: there’s a new cruise ship making a splash along Croatia’s coastline and Out Adventures will board her on our July 2018 Croatia Southern Dalmatia Gay Cruise. Scroll down to meet the head turner herself and discover what the fuss is about.

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Stays that Slay: Morocco

Hotel Le DogeOur Morocco Souks & Sand tour is an overwhelming escape that warrants serene nights in comfortable quarters. To keep the Moroccan mystique, we’ve named our Starting & Finishing point hotels…the rest await on this jubilant journey that departs in September and April.

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Stays that Slay: India


Among its many other mandates, our Holi Festival Foray is meant to make you feel like royalty. And we can’t think of anything more important to a princely state of mind than where you slumber. That’s why we’ve selected exceedingly opulent hotels for the journey. Feast your eyes below, your highness…

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Stays that Slay: Kick off 2018 Aboard the RV Mekong Pandaw

Built in Rangoon in 2002, the RV Mekong Pandaw was created just for the river it calls home, and is certainly the most stunning vessel to grace those waters.  And in January 2018, it will be our home for seven days as part of our Vietnam & Cambodia Gay River Cruise adventure.

Have a closer look at some of the vessel’s highlights.

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Stays that Slay: Get to Know the Sexy MV Futura


The jewel of our Croatia Northern Adriatic & Southern Dalmatia Gay Cruises is the MV Futura, a gleaming white mega-yacht built in 2013. She’s 156 feet long, 30 feet wide, and built to cruise the Aegean Sea at a speed of nine nautical miles. Here’s a little taste of what awaits when you join OUT Adventures in Croatia.

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Stays that Slay: The Lodges of our Gay Tanzania Luxury Safari


The roughest part about our Tanzania Luxury Safari is saying goodbye to one lavish lodging and moving on to the next. Here’s a sneak preview of what awaits when you join our decadent escape into the wilds of Africa.

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Stays that Slay: Cuba

It’s especially important that we support our brothers and sisters while visiting Cuba, so OUT Adventures has chosen to stay, eat, and spend our money with locals, instead of at government-run properties (which even includes the major international chain hotels).

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Stays that Slay: Thailand

Our Thailand Temples and Beaches Tour is renowned for overwhelming the senses: the sights, sounds, smells, colours and flavours will make you feel alive. But all that invigoration also warrants a wonderful retreat to recuperate for the next round. So here’s a sneak peek at where we’ll lay slumber during our adventure…may they sweeten your dreams of joining us for the journey. As always, we only divulge our starting and finishing hotel names online (you have to join a tour, or contact us for the rest, wink, wink!).

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Stays that Slay: Sri Lanka

While they’re primarily a place to rest your weary head after long days of discovery, the accommodations on our Sri Lanka Serendipity tour are among the most lavish in the country. Why not have a peek into the places where we’ll snooze on this February escape? As with all tours, we’ll share the names of our joining and finishing point hotels. For the rest, we have some flashy photos, but you’ll have to join our adventure or inquire to learn more!

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