Budapest: 10 Architectural Marvels You Need to See

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Budapest is an architectural mosaic, stitching together everything from Baroque and Gothic to Art Nouveau and Neo-Classic. To give gay travellers a taste of the city’s sumptuous architecture, we compiled 10 of our favourite designs below. If you’d rather witness the grandeur of Budapest’s skyline in person, consider our gay tour of Central Europe.

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Bellinis & Bug Spray: What you can expect on a gay tour of the Peruvian Amazon.

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Mimosas, macaws and howler monkeys. That’s what our Peru: The Amazon and Machu Picchu Gay Tour is made of!

This 9-day luxury Peru tour hits all of the country’s major highlights, including the Amazon. But before you go screeching anaconda, take a breathe and light some incense. This is the Amazon for beginners.

Read on for what our gay Amazon excursion is really like.

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8 Experiences We’re Excited for in India.

A myriad experiences await the gay traveller interested in tackling India’s chaotic charm. The country boasts a fiery cuisine, Mughal and colonial architecture, flamboyant festivals and a diverse heritage.

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What I Wish I Knew Before Joining a Gay Hike Along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Keen to traverse the Peruvian Andes en route to Machu Picchu? No prob-llama!

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10 Reasons Americans Should Join Us in Cuba, According to this Gay Canadian

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“If it’s so difficult for Americans to get to Cuba, why bother?” I asked my new travel companion. We’d just met as part of Out Adventures’ Cultural Cuba gay tour.

“Well, it’s kind of like forbidden fruit.”

His answer hit me harder than a double Havana Club on the rocks; the allure of Cuba — despite Trump’s hardened stance on US-Cuba relations, the “sonic attacks”, the hurricanes etc. — is the mystery surrounding the flamboyant destination. The thrill of going somewhere you were told you couldn’t.

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Stays that Slay: Budapest & Slovenia

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Hungary’s goulash may delight. And Slovenia’s snow-capped Alps may inspire. But it just might be the sublime accommodations we’ve booked on our Budapest & Slovenia gay tour you remember for years to come…. we said “might”.

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Staying Safe in Kenya

Due to safety concerns regarding a rise in discrimination towards LGBT people in Tanzania, we’ve rerouted our our annual luxury safari through neighbouring Kenya.

Despite the dark trigger, we’re actually ecstatic about the new destination. Kenya has some of the best preserved national parks on the continent, a wealth of wildlife that includes the Big Five, Earth’s largest flock of flamingos and The Great Wildebeest Migration, not to mention delicious food and top-notch accommodations. Also, it’s noted as the birthplace of the modern safari!

All that said, we’re aware Kenya comes with it’s own concerns and considerations. Please find a helpful list of frequently asked questions regarding safety in this sensational south African country below.

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