Our Five Favourite Airports to Endure a Lengthy Layover

Changi International Airport
Photo courtesy of Changi International Airport.

Quick: what’s the connection between the world’s tallest indoor slide, a Bavarian brewery, the Christkindl market, Korean Joseon theatre performances and an 18-hole golf course?! They’re all amenities in the world’s best airports for a layover, of course.

Scroll down for Out Adventures’ favourite airports to enjoy a layover.
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Farm-to-Terminal: The 5 best airport restaurants by Food Network stars

Plane food appetizers by Gordon Ramsay
Plane food appetizers by Gordon Ramsay

It’s come to Out Adventures’ attention Food Network stars are opening restaurants in every airport from LAX to DXB. How or why the trend began is neither here nor there as we’re just happy to toss aside McD’s fish fillet for Cat Cora’s catch-of-the-day cod crudo down by Gate B23. We’ll gladly say goodbye to Subway’s steak and cheese footlong, and hello to Gordon Ramsay’s 48-day dry aged rib eye just left of Duty Free.

Scroll down for five celebrity chef’s who’ve opened restaurants in airports around the globe.

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3 Airports to Get Excited About



We fly a LOT.

Between the four of us in Out Adventures’ tiny Toronto office we collect Air Miles, SkyMiles and Island Miles. We’re part of the AAdvantage Program, we have a Fly Away Rewards card and up in Canada we’re part of both the Aeroplan and VIPorter program. We’ve touched down in every continent and have flown most airlines. Sooo you’ll have to forgive us for being avid about aviation.

Two weeks ago, the four of us crowded around Rob’s desktop Google imaging Mexico City’s upcoming airport NAICM. It was between our Oohs and Ahhs Rob exclaimed, “Hey, can we blog about the best airports being built right now?!”.

And here we are, a few weeks later with three airports we can’t help but gush over. Starting with – you guessed it – NAICM.

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