Gearing Up for Chile

Biking Colchagua (14)
Prefer to rehydrate with rosé? Enjoy finishing a trek with Tempranillo? Or conclude a tough ride with Riesling?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Chile Grapes, Grit and Stargazing tour may just be your cup of petit chablis. The hybrid active-culture adventure features tenacious treks and rigorous rides but rewards your efforts with tours of lush vineyards and meals at the country’s finest restaurants.

Below we uncork the active portion of the tour, detailing each bike and hike to help you determine if this is the right trip for you.

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Roaming with Rob: Nepal & Everest Base Camp

In October Rob lead an industrious group of men (and one woman) through the Himalayas to Everest Base Camp. Click play to watch Rob surmount the Mother of the Universe and check another destination off his bucket list.

For more information about Out Adventures’ Nepal & Everest Base Camp Adventure, visit our website. If you’d like to join Rob on a different tour you can find his complete 2018 departure schedule here.

Preparing to Tackle Kilimanjaro: A Gay Climb with OUT Adventures


We’ve got about two months before our Kilimanjaro Gay Climb (and another 12 if you count our 2018 tour), but it’s not too late to sign up (or get in shape). Below you’ll find our standard 12-Week prep program, but by compressing your schedule and amping up your effort you’ll be ready in no time.

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Preparing for the Inca Trail On a Gay Tour with OUT Adventures


Both our Peruvian Inca Trail Gay Tour, and Gay Lodge-to-Lodge Trek, are no walk in the park (even if they are both literally walks in a park). To really enjoy these escapades, preparation is key, especially if you’re not acclimated to high altitude hiking.

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What To Pack for the Inca Trail With OUT Adventures

If you’re planning to hike The Inca Trail with us, things can quickly get heavier than a celebrity breakup if you don’t pack smart. Keep your baggage under 20kg/44lb, because anything beyond that is likely to be left behind in Lima. You should also bring something smaller for day trips to carry water, your camera, and any souvenirs you pick up along the way.

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