Stays that Slay: The Lodges of our Gay Tanzania Luxury Safari


The roughest part about our Tanzania Luxury Safari is saying goodbye to one lavish lodging and moving on to the next. Here’s a sneak preview of what awaits when you join our decadent escape into the wilds of Africa.

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Stays that Slay: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka; Gay Travel; Out Adventures; Gay Sri Lanka; LGBT Travel

While they’re primarily a place to rest your weary head after long days of discovery, the accommodations on our Sri Lanka Serendipity tour are among the most lavish in the country. Why not have a peek into the places where we’ll snooze on this escape?

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Stays that Slay: Redefining Cape Town Luxury

You can’t get much closer to Table Mountain than this… A truly extraordinary luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Cape Town, MannaBay is a gateway to the table-topped landmark and its natural mystique. Quite literally. A gate leads directly from MannaBay’s grounds to the Table Mountain National Park.

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