In Focus: Tanzania Luxury Safari

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Our suave sales manager, Kevin Robitaille, has a penchant for grand — often epic — travel photography. In January, he had the opportunity to capture the vast savannahs, plains and jungles of Tanzania in his signature style. All while leading an adventurous group of gentlemen on our luxury safari. Below are highlights from his collection.
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Stays that Slay: The Lodges of our Gay Tanzania Luxury Safari


The roughest part about our Tanzania Luxury Safari is saying goodbye to one lavish lodging and moving on to the next. Here’s a sneak preview of what awaits when you join our decadent escape into the wilds of Africa.

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Stays that Slay: Sri Lanka

While they’re primarily a place to rest your weary head after long days of discovery, the accommodations on our Sri Lanka Serendipity tour are among the most lavish in the country. Why not have a peek into the places where we’ll snooze on this February escape? As with all tours, we’ll share the names of our joining and finishing point hotels. For the rest, we have some flashy photos, but you’ll have to join our adventure or inquire to learn more!

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